Training, Research and Environment in the Tshopo "FORESTS".
The EU-funded “FORESTS” project aims to conserve, enhance and sustainably develop the Yangambi landscape.

Presentation of the FOREsTS project

It supports applied research on sustainable forest management in the DRC (in collaboration with UNIKIS and INERA) to reduce degradation and deforestation to mitigate the effects of climate change.


The FORESTS project in the Democratic Republic of Congo has taken over from the following projects: Forests and Climate Change in the Congo (FCCC, 2013-2017), Forestry Research in the Congo (REFORCO, 2009-2013) and the Relaunch of Agricultural and Forestry Research in the Congo (REAFOR, 2005-2009) funded by the European Union.

These projects particularly supported the establishment of the Yoko plot, which started in 2007 in collaboration with UNIKIS and CIFOR, the annual holding of Master's courses in "Biodiversity Management and Sustainable Forest Management", and the supervision of doctoral students and master's students.

he results obtained as part of DynAfFor and P3FAC have fuelled these courses, and the Yoko plot has made it possible to receive many students for their internships, theses and practical course work.