The activities of the DYNAFAC collective have highlighted original results on the functioning of Central African forests. These results could improve forest management plans and regulations for a more sustainable management of production forests.

These communication tools are for:

  • All audiences: technical and practical guides, a brochure, flyer and roll-up banner featuring the DYNAFAC collective, its projects and activities here (Rapports | DYNAFAC);
  • Scientists and academia: more than a dozen articles are published per year, in high-level scientific journals, from scientific presentations to meetings, symposia and conferences in Central Africa and internationally here (Articles | DYNAFAC);
  • Forest operators: production of practical documents on the activities carried out in Central African forests and the key lessons learned from these activities (various guides, annual reports, etc.) here (Médiathèque | DYNAFAC);
  • Policy-makers (COMIFAC and ministries responsible for forestry) and other sustainable management actors (NGOs, study offices, certification firms, trade unions, donors, etc.) (Médiathèque | DYNAFAC).

Other initiatives committed to sustainable management, and in particular the Fair&Precious collective, which supports sustainable management certified by the FSC or the PEFC-PAFC, will relay, in the communication, the activities of the DYNAFAC collective, to give it more visibility and encourage other actors of sustainable management to make known the scientific and technical orientations resulting from DYNAFAC.