The Structure and dynamics of Central African forests project: moving towards timber processing rules that integrate the ecological functioning of tree populations and the variability of environmental conditions.

Presentation of the DynAfFor project

"DynAfFor" is developing its activities in five Central African countries: Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Central Africa Republic, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It has three goals:

  • To improve scientific and technical knowledge on forest dynamics. The project aims to quantify the effects of the environment, forest exploitation, and the interaction between the environment and forest exploitation on the processes of growth, recruitment, mortality and carbon storage.
  • To improve decision support tools for forest management. The project is developing a network of sites for the monitoring of forest dynamics and a database to provide useful synthetic data to decision-makers. It is also developing tools that can be adopted by all stakeholders in forest management.
  • To mobilise stakeholders to improve forest planning practices. The project links a network of actors involved in the improvement of practices. It provides support in the use of tools designed for forest management, and the obtained results are widely disseminated through workshops, conferences and documents of all types.

The DynAfFor project is based on a partnership between international associations, research organisations, forest administrations and forest holders. It is primarily financed by the The French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM) FFEM.

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