The ALPI S.P.A Group, the founder of the ALPICAM Group, is a privately- and family-owned company founded in Italy in 1918 by PIETRO ALPI.

It is specialised in the production of wood veneer according to an exclusive technique of manufacturing new material: recomposed wood.

The ALPICAM Group has deployed worldwide and settled in Cameroon in 1975, in the form of a Cameroon limited liability company (SARL).

It is certified OLB (Timber Origin and Legality). Its three major local companies are: Alpi Pietro et Fils Cameroon SARL, the company of logs of Cameroon (Grumcam) and Alpicam Industries SARL.

The latter is now specialised in the production of third-stage processed finished products for international export. Its activities involve: logging, processing and exporting logs and sawn goods. Its products are veneer, plywood, sliced wood and sawn timber.

Its markets are Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, China, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Tunisia, Senegal, Turkey, Egypt, USA, Argentina, Russia, England, and Belgium.

Within the framework of the DYNAFAC collective’s activities, a comprehensive monitoring plot for forest dynamics has been installed in the region of Eastern Cameroon.