COMIFAC, the Central Africa Forests Commission, is an international organisation that is recognised for its role in subregional integration in the conservation and the sustainable and well-coordinated management of forest ecosystems.

It is one of the global institutions that work towards promoting peoples’ rights to rely on forest resources to support their economic and social development efforts.

It includes ten countries in the subregion that share a common natural heritage. It is committed to ensuring that Central Africa’s voice is better heard, and that its positions defended in forums where forest and environmental issues are discussed.

Under the provisions of its Founding treaty, particularly Article 5, COMIFAC is responsible for guiding, harmonising and monitoring forest and environmental policies in Central Africa.

COMIFAC ensures consistency between DynAfFor and P3FAC projects with other sub-regional initiatives to capitalise on their achievements to contribute to better forest management. The institution also chairs the various steering committees and works towards integrating the achieved results into regional forest policy. It contributes to disseminating the results and outputs generated by the projects to stakeholders in the subregion.