The Agrobiology Research Unit (URAB) of the Masuku University of Science and Technology (USTM) has close to 80 teacher-researchers, 20 doctoral researchers and 420 scientific articles published to date.

It houses several laboratories: the laboratory of food sciences, animal production and health, soil analysis, phytopathology, molecular biology, animal physiology, pharmacology and biodiversity, and plant physiology.

The main research areas in relation to its various laboratories involve:

  • (i) the identification, valorisation and sustainable use of forest species, medicinal and/or food plants of interest and biomolecules;
  • (ii) population biology and genetics and the conservation of terrestrial mammals; (iii) crop protection and soil fertilisation;
  • (iv) the nutrition and food consumption of animal species, characterising and enhancing the value of forage plant species;
  • (v) the conduction of studies on the microbiological quality of food and the post-exploitation physiology of local foodstuffs;
  • (vi) the conduction of studies on the ecological health of aquatic ecosystems and on air pollution.

Through its activities, which involve identifying, enhancing the value of and encouraging the sustainable exploitation of biodiversity, the USTM is involved in implementing the DYNAFAC collective’s activities.